Start your own Callshop now !

  • Online Registration and installation: You can start in 5 minutes from now on.
  • Design your own rates and Dialplans to increase your profit
  • No monthly fee, no setup cost, completly free for unlimited booths.
  • 5 USD startup balance for free at registration
  • Prepaid/Postpaid billing and call limits per each booth
  • Print receipts with your own individual callshop logo
  • Excellent and individual reports (ASR/ACD/GM…)
  • Add more booths with one click

Register now and starting making money immediatley

Own a callshop in 5 easy steps:

  1. First you need an internet line with bandwith of 100 Kbit/sec per booth (e.g. 300 Kbit/sec for 3 booths)
  2. Use any SIP compatible Soft-Client or VoIP-phone per booth (e.g. SNOM 300, Linksys PAP or similiar)
  3. Register here and create your own Callshop-account
  4. Check preinstalled Dialplans and rates, maybe you want to change some of them
  5. Install usernames and password at your SIP-devices as shown in Webinterface and start calling !