The prepaid calling card industry is a massive worldwide business. People are on the go all the time and need to keep in touch just about every day of their lives. Its a great business to get into.

victoriacard provides the technical platform and all support that runs the prepaid calling card business. We are approached every week by people that want to get into this lucrative business. Here are some considerations you should think about.

1. This is a business. You need a plan and marketing strategy. Without a proper plan and marketing strategy you will find it difficult to succeed.

2. You need money to get started. You have to design and print your calling cards, marketing brochures, flyers, posters, etc. You need to deposit money for your call traffic. You need money to pay for the usage of a software and hardware platform that runs the business.

3. Commissions. You need to design a commission program for paying the people who are selling your cards. Whether they are individuals or shops that carry an inventory of cards available for sale. Without sales people or shops your cards will sit in your house taking up space and not being used.

4. Technical Platform. You need to have a technical platform that will run your business. This means local/toll free domestic and international access numbers, software to calculate the billing and routing of your calls. Multiple termination providers that will terminate your calls. We say multiple because you cannot depend on just one provider. If the provider goes down you are out of business. You always need backup providers. victoriacard all of this.

5. Pricing. This is YOUR prepaid calling card business. You are the one in charge. That means you need to figure out what your pricing per minute will be. You have to take into consideration what your competitors are advertising, what they are actually charging per minute, what your costs are and what the perception is of the existing calling card user base think they are paying.

In this business what calling card companies advertise and what they actually deliver can be two completely different things. Your competition may advertise 800 minutes on a calling card but only provide 150 minutes.

6. Management. Once you get started you will need to manage the operation. That means a few things. Support. Who will support the people who are buying your cards? Who will manage the termination providers and routing of the calls? Who will make changes when things are not working? Who will check the account of the termination providers and billing system to make sure everything is calculated properly? Who will make sure your accounts with your termination providers have enough money to get you through the weekend? Who will manage your salespeople or shops to see how they are doing and if they need more cards? Who will handle various situations when they need fixing?

These are some of the things you need to think about as you get into the prepaid calling card business.

The good news is that victoriacard provides most of these things which allows you to get started in this money making business.