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Considerations about the calling card business

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The Prepaid Calling Card Platform is for people that want to run their own calling card business. We provide local and international access numbers, custom IVR if necessary, 24/7 web interface to manage your business, ability to set your own call rates for your users, sophisticated billing system, create your own pins and much, much more as detailed below.
We offer a complete solution for entering the prepaid calling card business at low cost.
There are a few ways to start with the prepaid calling card platform.
1. Fast and cheap way – We host everything and give you an account through the web 24/7. Low up front cost. No monthly cost. We do all call termination. You can add your own providers for call termination with Option 2 below.
2. Fast and slightly more money – We host everything and give you an account through the web 24/7. Low up front cost. You can route calls using your own providers as well as victoriacard. There is a setup fee of 250 to add a SIP or IAX provider and a .005/min fee per minute. You pay your provider directly for the minutes and pay victoriacard .005/min. If you are doing a large volume of traffic each month the .005/min. fee starts to go down as your traffic goes up. There is a monthly minimum of 50,000 minutes which equals 250/mth. If you do not have any minutes for the month you still pay the 250. Support is included in this fee.
3. Expensive and slower to implement – We install the system on your server. A lot more setup, configuration, and customization. This will take more time than option 1. You can use your own providers for call termination as well as victoriacard. Higher up front fee, monthly fee and higher support fees due to maintaining and installing on new dedicated servers.
This option makes sense if you are located in a remote location and need the system as close to your users as possible.
If you are serious about starting your own Prepaid Calling Card business please contact us.

For more information contact us at one of the following numbers:
+420 772 721 880-Prague ,Czech Republic

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