The Victoriacard SMS service allows you to send international SMS’s in many different ways and at very cheap rates. You can send an SMS from your Victoriacard admin center, from your mobile phone using the “light” admin center, using our API if you are integrating or reselling our SMS service and through a softphone like Ekiga or Twinkle.

Bulk sending of SMS’s can easily be done. Login to your Victoriacard account, import your mobile phone numbers, create your SMS, send it out. You can use merge fields to personalize your SMS’s from your database and schedule the date and time in your time zone to deliver your messages!

Listed below are many ways you can send SMS’s using Victoriacard:

  1. Internet – From your Victoriacard admin center
  2. Mobile Phone – Using “light” Victoriacard admin center through your mobile internet connection.
  3. API – Programmers can extend their applications using our API
  4. Softphone – From Ekiga, Twinkle
  5. Text editor – From GNU/Emacs
  6. Google’s Android devices. Using TeaSMS. Alternative link

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