Victoria Card is an IP telephone operator for your company. We are a landline and mobile telephone solutions operator for SME’s and professionals. It has developed its activity since 2010, offering services Globally, with inherent infrastructure, being leader in its sector. It has extensive experience and has a high capacity for design, start-up and the operation of telecommunications solutions. Victoria Card Worldwide Communication Service Started in Prague, Czech Republic, is now a globally based company with clients located all over the world.

The company is rendering quality and cost oriented telecommunication services having major concentration in Central Europe, Middle east and Indian subcontinent.

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Victoriacard has all the necessary licenses needed to run the telecommunication services, granted by the national regulatory body, CTU (Czech Republic’s Commission for the Telecommunications Market)

Our great results speak for themselves.

  • More than million minutes administered.
  • More than 100 companies already trust our services.
  • Presently, co-operate with main manufacturers.
  • We operate in 5 continents, 27 countries.
  • Each year we improve upon our results.


Since we started to give shape to our services, we were sure that we wanted to develop an infrastructure, that as well as fulfilling its commitments to our clients, also assumed a responsible position with regards to the environment.

Therefore, our entire infrastructure consumes several less than the equipment used by traditional operators. This is achieved with a straight bet for virtualization and a topology based on the cloud.

Through this design we achieve two purposes: To take care of our surroundings, and to pass on the cost reductions to our clients.

Why opt for Victoriacard?

  • Global Technical and Sales support based in Europe and offered by Professionals.
  • Indigenous Infrastructure developed .
  • An average cost reduction of 45% that could reach up to 95%.
  • Advanced functions without any additional extra costs
  • Try our service without obligation.
  • Post-payment services
  • 24/7 Support


In our desire to expand, Victoria card has developed an ambitious plan to grow and expand at European and a Global level.
Here at Victoriacard we are looking for partners and investors who can bring knowledge, value and experience to our project.
Therefore, we invite you to find out more about our dynamic plans, by contacting us at contact.